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The SHCA Family

February 5, 2019 | Lyn Cantrell

Last Saturday I had the privilege of watching our middle school girls and boys play in the basketball state championship.  Both games were very exciting; our students played hard and our coaches coached hard.  Although both games were lost in the final seconds, what I walked away with was far greater than a trophy, and is what I have come to love so much about our school – we are a family.

The feel of being together and being for one another was so evident.  High school students were there to cheer on middle school students; middle school boys cheered on the middle school girls; parents who did not even have children playing basketball, filled the stands and cheered and encouraged the players.  I watched as players celebrated each other, comforted each other, and congratulated each other.  I watched a coach refer to his players as “my own” and I knew he meant it.  This is what shines the brightest at SHCA, our family feel.  Do other schools feel like this?  Maybe, but here at SHCA, we are family.  We are for #oneanother.